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Need that calming feeling you get just after cleaning your house? Want it ALL THE TIME?? Not sure how to organize all that clutter? Can't find the time in your hectic schedule? No worries that's where I come in! From organizing a small coat closet to tackling a cluttered garage. ​The Turning Leaf is here to make your home or business the ONLY place you want to be!



Your initial consultation is free! Set up an appointment and I will come to your space that is in need. All I require is an hour of your time. We can walk through the space together, gathering your thoughts and aspirations on what you want your dream space transformed into. From there we can discuss price points for your budget because let's face it, no budget is too small! After that, it is all up to me. Within the next 48 hours I will email you a uniquely designed proposal.


*All prices will vary based on your organizational needs*


Hourly Help

Need someone to come over for a couple of hours to help you on your organizing journey? We can work together as a team to make your dream a reality! 

2 Hour Minimum: $90

4 Hours : $180

6 Hours: $ 270



I offer an in home consultation that will not only help you learn how to organize your space but will allow you live better in your home or business. This 1 to 2 hour visit depending on what items need to be accesd, gives you all the tools you need to do it yourself. From tips on re-organizing your space, to staging your home to sell! 

In Home Visit : $50

Virtually over Zoom or Facetime : $40

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